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Where’s my coffee?

The chilly spell has arrived. Nope, there is no winter here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons – dry and wet.

Although Davao is typhoon free, during the last months, heavy rains frequently visited the city. Come September, the climate slightly changed. The rains calmed a little, the sun is setting a little earlier, the sky is mostly grayish and the air is colder.

A lot of people here gets excited when the cold spell comes in. It’s understandable. We have a very humid climate almost all year round and the chilly season gives us a break from the hot periods. Now, I am not used to the crisp air. It makes me sleepy…and lazy. It makes me want go to bed earlier, wake up later and it tempts to me hit the snooze button on my alarm twice. OK… thrice! Its a little difficult to concentrate on my job. I’m a graphic/layout artist and sometimes when I do a project this time of the year, I need three steaming cups of strong coffee an hour.(Yeah, I know. Too much coffee is bad, that’s why I have bitter cocoa as my alternative.)

Nevertheless, I enjoy this time of the year because it puts me in a milder mood. I get to stay home more to do things I don’t regularly do, like finish a book in just a week or simply reflect on the days that went by(or sleep more).

But now here in the office, I’m doing a yearbook layout for a university. And again I’m wondering… where’s my coffee?

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