Davao Light Rail Transit

| 2008/09/09 | 22 Comments

Davaoeños will soon enjoy the proposed Davao Light Rail Transit. The project was one of the results following the BIMP-EAGA investment conference held in this city last October.

The Davao Integrated Development Program (DIDP), Mindanao Business Council (MinBC), MCC Capital Inc., a UK-based financial institution, and local government units in the Davao Region have signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) on the proposed Davao Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the construction of a bridge in Samal.

Wendel Avisado, executive director of the DIDP stated that “the LRT system will serve the coastal builtup area of Davao City, as well as neighboring areas in Davao del Sur (Sta. Cruz), and Davao del Norte (Panabo City).” He said that the project cost was R240 billion in 1997 when it was first proposed. “It is also proposed to be 60 kilometers in length and a BOT (build, operate, transfer) project,” Avisado said.

The intended railway system will initially stretch across the major highways of Tagum City-Carmen-Panabo City-Davao City-Sta. Cruz-and Digos City in Davao del Sur.

Personally, this railway system means less hassle and shorter traveling time to the rural areas where there are still many unexplored thrills and adventures to be experienced.

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  1. Willem Dijkstra says:

    I shall be grateful if you would kindly let me know the present status of the
    Davao LRT and the Samal Bridge construction projects.
    Thank you.
    Willem Dijkstra

    • Marlene says:

      Hi Willem,

      Sorry for this late reply. We will be posting more about the status of the project in the near future. So keep coming back. As of now, the project is still a plan.

  2. glenn lyuren says:

    I will make plans about this in my thesis as an Architecture Student..

    This project will be a great accomplisment in my study.

    Thank you.

    Glenn Lyuren

  3. len says:

    Davao is an ideal place to live in. i am a manileno but im considering of moving to davao. the air is clean, and the commodities are not too high…if there’d be an lrt there, that’d be great. the development of davao city would move thrice faster! were waiting~!

    • Marlene says:

      Hi len, thanks for your comment. With all my heart, I’m welcoming you to Davao. Keep visiting this site and you’ll be informed about the future LRT. :-)

  4. alvin says:

    this is the most interesting news that i heard since i left Davao City…this will probably encourage more investors to build their business in my hometown…i wanna see Davao City more productive and more industrialize city in the next few years…pls. keep in touch with the latest updates of the developments of Davao City…thanks

  5. alvin says:

    just wanna seek ur opinion if it is advisable to build internet shop their in Davao…coz i have a plan to build internet in the city next year…

    • Marlene says:

      Hi Alvin, thanks for your comments. I’m one of those who are waiting for the LRT to be finalized.

      Internet shop is a good business, especially in the city proper and close to schools, since there are not many residents who owned a PC. I suggest you go for it.

  6. Grace Crammer says:

    the only thing that is keeping me from persuading my husband to move to davao city is the increasingly horrendous traffic congestion and resultant pollution here.

    the lrt project, i understand, was conceived in 1980, 39 years ago! when i called the didp, i was told it is still in the master planning board. no one can tell when it can be started.

    lrt and the samal-davao city bridge are two infrastructures that would synergitically benefit its government; its residents and visitors; and its environment. would it take massive public clamor for the city to stop dragging its foot to get this started?

  7. Marlene says:

    Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your comment. I’ve never heard about LRT between Davao and Samal that time. I could be because Saman wasn’t yet completely developed in 1980’s. But now is the time to realise this project because of the increasing real estates and resorts in Samal.

  8. maria says:

    pls.. pursue that project.. it would be a big help to me and others who live in the said place to minimize the time in travelling..

  9. Renz says:

    Well, it’s a great news… It will be really beneficial to many people here in Davao Region.

  10. jeddh says:

    Samal Bridge & LRT? That’s Great! Hope these will not remain as “plan”. For sure majority agrees for the project … let’s see by 2015. PANABO is always ready for the LRT.

  11. Eric says:

    I just wish to get update about the status of Samal Bridge and the LRT project, is this projects going to push through this year?
    Thank you & best regards,

    • Marlene says:

      Hi Eric,
      I haven’t informed yet of the status of this project. It will be difficult determine now that the election is coming. But I’ll update this site as soon as I get an information about it.

  12. ling says:

    I can’t imagine then I will be riding rail transit from Panabo to Davao and v.v. for less than an hour … sosyal!

    Atleast we have improved our mass transit in Davao Region, a manifestation that our region is getting better and can afford to spend this kind of project, a 20/20 vision for Davao meaning by year 2020 these major projects are installed.

  13. josh says:

    im happy to have lrt in Davao city in the nxt 5 yrs

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