People's Park

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People’s Park is the latest among the few parks in Davao City. It is located in the former Palaruang Panglungsod in the middle of the city and has become a delight in the lives of the DavaoeƱos.

People’s Park has an area of 7 hectares, mostly open areas covered with greens. The park offers facilities to cater to children, disabled and senior citizens. It opens early in the morning to accommodate health buffs who like to jog and do aerobic workouts. The ambience is also very conducive for reflecting and spending some quiet time in the morning. Usually, it gets a bit crowded when afternoon comes.

The presence of a few huts using bamboo poles and slats as additional materials inside a replica of Philippine rainforest, gives an aura of exoticness of the park.

Of course, public safety is always first, thats why there are security cameras installed in strategic corners of the park. There are also a lot of visible law enforcement personnel roving around the vicinity.

This project will be one of the many legacies from Mayor Duterte as soon as he steps down from public service and politics.

People's Park
People’s Park

People's Park
People’s Park in Davao


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  1. kristle says:

    Wow! This is really a nice place I’ve seen. I’ve been there a few months ago. :))

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