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Davao is unlike most developed cities in the Philippines. Here, we celebrate the holidays in peace, without much bang boom bang.

Since 2001, a firecracker ban has been imposed in Davao City during the holidays, and Mayor Duterte has been quite serious about the implementation. Duterte has been stern on his orders to the police to detain all violators, even those who are found in mere possession of any of the banned items.

The Davao City Council passed the local ordinance prohibiting the use, sale, and distribution of pyrotechnics or firecrackers in 2002. But the year before that, Duterte has already made it a policy.

Every New Year, TV shows all over the country always report the victims of firecrackers. These range from slight burns to blown off fingers to death. For the uninitiated, firecrackers usually found here in the country are not the same as the ones used during July 4th. What is common here in the Philippines somehow resemble mini dynamites, small yet dangerous.

Since the implementation of firecracker ban in the city, there were no longer “bloody Christmases” and the city enjoyed an almost-zero incidence of firecracker-related accidents.

I remember a few years ago when the mayor was asked if he believed that lighting firecrackers will ward off bad luck in the coming new year. It has been a tradition for most filipinos to light firecrackers during New Year’s to scare off bad spirits and avoid bad luck. He just said that if one will simply avoid breaking the law regarding the ban of firecrackers, it is a sure way to avoid “bad luck”.

firecrackers = mini dynamites
firecrackers = mini dynamites
no, thanks
no, thanks!

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  1. DavaoBase says:

    Nice post you have here!

    I became a very happy Davaoeno when this firecracker ban broke into the once-closed minds of the Chinese-influenced residents of Davao. Since I was a kid, I was taught not to get too close to these explosives due to obvious reasons. I guess being careful does pay off.

    I’m also glad that after seven years, the ban is still firmly in place. I posted a similar piece on my blog. Feel free to browse:

  2. Marlene says:

    Hi DavaoBase, thank you for your comment. We’re also glad that the people comply with the ban and this is only for the good of everybody. I’m proud of Davao’s peace and quiet life.

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