Category: Beach Resorts

Glan, Sarangani

| 2010/05/08 | 5 Comments

Tired of the crowded beaches every summer? Weary of the long hassles of poring througha long list of beach resorts? Fancying an uncommon vacation getaway? Look no further than the white sand beaches of Glan, Sarangani. A few weeks ago, my friends and I had the rare chance of spending a weekend in one of […]

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Diving Spots

| 2009/04/16 | 12 Comments

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with finishing yearbook layouts and teaching at university. Finally, school is out and summer is here. What better way to welcome the summer season than diving into the deep blue? And that’s exactly what I did. Literally. My friends and I decided to go […]

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