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Glan, Sarangani

| 2010/05/08 | 5 Comments

Tired of the crowded beaches every summer? Weary of the long hassles of poring througha long list of beach resorts? Fancying an uncommon vacation getaway? Look no further than the white sand beaches of Glan, Sarangani. A few weeks ago, my friends and I had the rare chance of spending a weekend in one of […]

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Davao View From Jack's Ridge

| 2010/02/20 | 7 Comments

The place where you can see the view of Davao City from atop is at Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant.  To be on top of this marvelous place is sure astounding.  It’s open day and night for viewing purposes with minimal fee.  But if you dine and unwind in the cozy restaurant and café inside, viewing and picture […]

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Monfort Bat Sanctuary

| 2010/01/30 | 1 Comment

Bats. More bats. Screeching bats. More than a million of them. Imagine a cave in an island, filled with bats. Hanging upside down, close to one another, getting restless as the sun is setting. Hovering  all over the place. Thats what I’ve experienced recently when I visited the  Monfort Conservation Park, in Samal Island.  Although […]

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Robinsons Cybergate Davao Update

| 2009/12/12 | 12 Comments

It’s more than a year ago when I posted about Robinsons Cybergate, which was then under construction.  The mall has finally opened sometime in May 2009.  Last summer, we took the chance to visit the actual place and to my surprise, it was smaller than I thought. Some of the room-spaces on the second floor […]

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